My name is Joël van der Werf I am a c#/Unity/Dot-net software engineer/game developer at Miniclip Netherlands. I am currently searching for a new challenge in the area of programming. Preferably outside the Netherlands, as one of my dreams is to find work outside the Netherlands.

I have over four years of professional experience as a software engineer in the field of game development/programming. Plus more than 10+ years of experience working on personal projects in C++, Unreal engine, Java, Unity, Web-development and C#. I have experience working in multidisciplinary development teams in my present work at Miniclip Netherlands. In addition, I have a strong passion to work and acquire knowledge in the field of software engineering, code architecture, web-development, AR, VR, MR simulation, and game engine technologies.

In the links below, you will find information about me as well as my resume and my previous work on projects.


Dynasty Duels


Dynasty Duels


Dynasty Duels